Welcome to F-R Racing Online

F-R Racing is a Sim Racing Team and was started by two long-time friends who decided that they wanted to break into the racing world as team owners. Unfortunately, they both lacked the proper funding and experience to start a team. When the iRacing system came along, this became the opportunity for F-R Racing to become a real thing. You can learn more about us here.

We’re using this opportunity to learn and document our process as we enter the world of eRacing through iRacing and we’re going to use the site news page to share our progress and document the mistakes we make on the way, so if we ultimately inspire you to start your own team that you won’t make the same mistakes we make.

Wednesday Night Dash

In 2022, F-R Racing launched its first league on the iRacing platform known as Wednesday Night Dash (WND). Many league races require a 2-3 hour time commitment per week to race, plus additional practice time. D.J. and Erik saw the demand for a league that only takes an hour, added a prize purse for the top finishers, and includes a live play-by-play broadcast every week on StadiumScene.TV!

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Social Media

We’re featured on all of the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Be sure to give us a follow on your favorite platform!

Video & Streaming

If you’re into videos and streaming, be sure to follow us on Twitch and YouTube. We’ll be live streaming and posting race results, testing, and other tutorials to help you with building your iRacing team. Our Wednesday Night Dash streaming show will be expanding and moving to StadiumScene.TV in March 2022!



Want to gear up with the latest clothing and accessories that we use? The F-R Racing Merchandise Shop is now open for business! Shirts, hats, stickers, phone cases, and other accessories can be found in our shop! Your purchases will go towards continuing to fund our team as we create the handbook for building an eRacing team!