Experience of iRacing using a PS4 Controller

Using a PS4 Controller on iRacing Part 2

Over the past couple of weeks now, I have finally been able to start driving on a more consistent basis. Since I am operating on a tight budget, I have been iRacing using a PS4 controller (for now). D.J. recently posted about his experience using the controller and provided a Youtube link to show how to set up a controller. I am taking a little bit different approach and showing my experience so far and any hurdles I have had.

Well, there is always room for improvement!

The biggest issue so far is just keeping the car running in a straight line! The slightest movement on the joystick is multiplied on the track. It does make it more difficult to get into the ideal racing line. Yes, it is probably me just being a beginner, or the controller is not calibrated correctly. Where is the fun though, if it worked perfectly right away! I have recalibrated multiple times to try and fine-tune the input while driving. There have been some successes on track though!

How the PS4 Controller has looked on the track

For this post, I intend to visually illustrate some of the aspects of driving that I have encountered with the controller. It has been much easier to control the cars like the Street Stock and Formula Vee on both oval and road courses. On the other hand, cars like the Dallara IR18 and the Legacy Silverado have been an adventure! Again, this could be a result that I am still learning how to drive effectively and fast. In the following video, I will be using the Street Stock and the Legacy Silverado at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Oval. The steering will show the difficulty I have had in low and high end vehicles.

Charlotte Motor Speedway iRacing PS4 Controller Test Run – YouTube

Charlotte Motor Speedway iRacing Street Stock Test with a PS4 Controller – YouTube

The Street Stock had some wobble, but control was much easier and can run at or near full throttle. There was much less input into the wheel through the straights and the turns. With the Silverado, the slightest movement made it much harder to maintain a straight line or to put the truck into the racing line. I can maintain better control at 1/2 throttle. That defeats the purpose of racing to run at 1/2 speed! In the video of Lap 2, Turn 2, I pushed the edge and control went away. I may have helped get into the spin and slide, but that has been the experience with the “higher” end vehicles with the controller.

The steering issues could be attributed to vehicle setups which will be another post in the future. I am excited to get a racing wheel and try the test again and compare any difference that I find!

Formula Vee Time Attack

On a slightly different take, I have been working through the Time Attack Competition in the Formula Vee car. There have been some ups and downs. The biggest up so far is just learning the tracks and working on racing lines. The biggest down has been the high sensitivity on the controller and not being able to run the line I would like. Some tracks have been much better than others.

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