HidrateSpark Review

HidrateSpark Review of Pro Bottle

Note: As of November 2023 HidrateSpark is no longer running an affiliate program. This review is being left on the site for informational purposes only.

We wanted to take some time here to do a HidrateSpark review of their products. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the Pro 3 water bottle which we have used for a couple of weeks. Uncle Sam requires us to disclose that HidrateSpark is one of our affiliate partners for which we have the logo on our cars and get a commission.

We also want to disclose that HidrateSpark did not ask us to review the bottle and we are not being compensated for writing this review.

So what makes the HidrateSpark bottle so special and called “The World’s Smartest Water Bottle/App”? It’s actually the built-in light that reminds you to keep drinking your water. Living outside of Phoenix, AZ USA, water is extremely critical to my day due to the intense heat of the summer, and falling behind on water consumption during the day can have deadly consequences. As silly as it sounds when I am sitting at the desk working I frequently forget to keep drinking my water. In the two weeks, I have used the bottle, my water consumption has gone from around 50-60oz a day (too low) to 100-120oz a day. Any medical professional will tell you that consistent water consumption from day to day has a variety of health benefits. I’m not a medical professional, so I am going to leave it at that. Smarter people can tell you more about that…

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The Bottle

The HidrateSpark Pro Stainless Steel in “Deep Blue”

The first part of the HidrateSpark review is the bottle. They offer three types of bottles, the “Legacy”, the “Pro”, and the new “Tap”. At this time, the “Tap” bottle is available as a pre-order only. Today we are going to be talking about the “Pro” series water bottle. The Pro bottle is available in a 17oz (500ml) or a 21oz (620ml) version. The material used in the “pro” series is insulated stainless steel. There are a variety of colors available for purchase. I purchased the 17oz “Deep Blue” bottle. The battery is estimated to last about 10-14 days in between charging. I am on day 10 with about 40% of my battery left. The mechanism on the bottle unscrews and a magnetic USB charger (included) connects to the light mechanism.

What I like most about the bottle is the fact that when I am falling behind it gives a friendly light flash at the base when I am falling behind on my water consumption for the day. The mobile app (discussed below) uses your health data (height, weight, age) to determine an estimated amount of water you should be drinking per day. The other benefit is it helped me balance my water drinking throughout the day. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to just chug 17oz of water in one sitting a couple of times and instead I’ve done better with spacing it out. Oh and yes, the light color is available to change in the mobile app.

Setting up the bottle was very simple. The application connected to it right away and it calibrates the weight sensor by having you fill the bottle and then emptying it. I was up and running in just a few minutes.

The Mobile App

HidrateSpark Pro Mobile App
The HidrateSpark iOS Mobile App

The next part of the HidrateSpark review is the free mobile app. The first benefit is it does not require a HidrateSpark water bottle to take advantage of the main features. The iOS (Apple) app syncs with Apple Health and your Apple Watch. It is a great way to track your water consumption during the day even if you do not own a HidrateSpark water bottle. There is also an Android version of the App available, therefor since I use an iPhone the review will focus on the iOS version of the application.

Hidrate Spark Color Wheel
HidrateSpark Color Selection

Color Selection

As mentioned above, changing the color light at the base is very easy. For a one-time purchase of $4.99 USD in the iOS App Store, it opens up a color creation studio. The studio allows you to do your own color combinations. Some of these functions are limited to the “pro” version of the bottle only, so you should check your bottle to verify compatibility before spending the $4.99. You can see I made a blue and yellow F-R Racing logo color combination for my bottle. My only critique here is that the color wheel works on a slider only. You are not able to enter exact hex values to get the colors exact. Then again, I do not think the average user would care about that.

HidrateSpark Contests
Contests & Challenges


First, there is a social aspect to the application, which shows the challenges and friends leaderboard. It’s a great way to keep your friends accountable for their water goals as well. You can also participate in larger group challenges as well in the HidrateSpark community.

HidrateSpark Review Conclusion

So in conclusion, I definitely give a positive reaction to my HidrateSpark review. Two weeks into my water journey, I am feeling better, sleeping better, and therefore urinating a lot more (ha ha). The price is a little on the expensive side, but then again so is going to the doctor or an ER visit for dehydration.

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