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On behalf of Erik Richardson and myself, we want to thank everyone for a great first season. Well, six months. Erik and I were chatting back in June 2021 and Erik mentioned that he wished we could have got F-R Racing going. After thinking about it a bit, I realized we could do F-R Racing, but just in a different way, via Sim Racing. You can read the full story here, but keep reading for our iRacing summary.

We formed a business, put together a business and marketing plan, and got to work. We used our prior knowledge of marketing, social media, and SEO to see if we could turn SimRacing into a viable business.

Social Media & Blogging

We decided that our mission for F-R Racing would be to be transparent about what’s working and what isn’t working. Eventually, we want to be known as the playbook for building a SimRacing Team. So far, things are going well and we’re seeing several of our pages ranking high on Google searches and we’re seeing 18,000-25,000 page views a month on our website. Our article on using a PS4 controller for iRacing is trending very highly on Google. Our Instagram page has broken the 300 follower count despite no advertising dollars spent.

On the other hand, our Facebook and Twitter accounts are not performing well. We’re seeing a whopping 16 followers on Facebook, and 17 on our Twitter account. Those are two areas we will be targeting for improvement in 2022.

Wednesday Night Dash

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Our big break was the Wednesday Night Dash concept. Originally we planned on testing streaming via Twitch using Twitch Studio to see how it went. It turned into a regular event every Wednesday night. It turned into an intro video, tracking wins and losses, moving to OBS Studio, and ultimately in 2022, we’ll be opening the league to anyone who wants to race on Wednesday night and not have to commit to a lot of time.

We’ll still be racing in a smaller setting for the first couple of months, but keep an eye out on our social media and this blog for announcements.

iRacing Summary

iRacing Summary of Session 1
Stream #1’s Infamous Crash

So the iRacing part of the organization. In our first six months, Erik and I both achieved “Class C” licenses for oval and road series and largely avoided dirt racing. D licenses were achieved, but we don’t anticipate spending much time racing in the dirt.

Most of the racing we’ve done has been in the unranked series (Dallara Dash, Carburetor Cup, and some Truck Series). We’re doing well in ovals and staying out of the walls, but we definitely need more practice racing in traffic. That is one of our top goals in 2022.

iRacing Summary

Thank you again for watching our videos, watching our streams, and reading our blog. We’re really excited going into 2022. Do us a favor and give us a follow on our social media, Twitch, and YouTube at the bottom of this page. We really appreciate your continued support of F-R Racing!

Sponsor Spotlight – Philips Hue

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We’re excited to welcome Philips Hue to the F-R Racing family! Philips is one of the global leaders in consumer electronics and their Hue platform is one of the best smart home/smart lighting systems on the market. Learn how you can use your hue lighting (I used the Philips Hue Play)to make an interactive flag notification light that works with iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and Assetto Corsa Competizione. We’ll write up more about it at a later date!

Merchandise Store

It’s getting colder out now that we’re heading into January, so check out our awesome F-R Racing logo jacket! It looks great and you’re helping support our team! Check out this and many more awesome products at our shop.


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