AFSP 200 Driver Registration

Ready to join us as a driver in the AFSP 200 on the iRacing platform on Saturday, January 27, 2024? Fill out the below form and we’ll get in touch with the donation link and Discord page. Learn more about the race here. The race will be broadcast live and we’re looking to raise $2,500 USD for AFSP between driver entries and donations during the broadcast.

The entry fee will be a minimum $20 USD donation to our AFSP fundraiser. You will be contacted to make your donation. 100% of your entry fee goes to the charity fundraiser. For every $20 you donate you will receive one entry ($40 – 2, $60 – 3, etc.) into the raffle for our amazing prizes from Extreme Simracing and others!

Please do not donate until you have been contacted via email to confirm your spot is being held. Refunds cannot be given once a donation is made.

Once contacted, you must complete the donation by 12 pm ET on race day (Saturday, January 27th) or your spot may be released.

We want to make sure we say your name correctly on the race broadcast.
City, State or City, Country if outside the US
You can change it closer to the event if necessary. We’re using this in the media guide.
iRacing Customer number so we make sure to invite the correct person.
We currently do not have a cap for iRating, but if you are a pro or have a very high iRating (3000+), we’ll need to chat first before we can let you into the event.
First choice of car number – 13 and 88 are unavailable
Second choice of car number
Third choice of car number
Are you racing in memory of someone who has died from suicide? Put their name in here so we can add it to the “In Memory” board that we’ll display on the broadcast.
Are you part of an iRacing team? Let us know for the media guide and broadcast.
Please wait until you are contacted via email before donating or reach out through our Discord (link at bottom of page) if you have not seen an email. No refunds can be given once a donation is made.