2024 AFSP 200 iRacing Charity Race

2024 Results

We’re excited to announce that we raised $1,350 for the AFSP! We’ll be back in January of 2025 for the second annual AFSP charity race so keep an eye out for that later on this year! Check out the replay of the broadcast thanks to our friends at Apex Racing TV:

Check out the 2024 Replay of the Inaugural AFSP 200!

In partnership with WJ Muhlfeld Motorsports, we’re excited to announce on Saturday, January 27th we’ll be holding an iRacing charity race benefitting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We’re calling the race the AFSP 200 and would love for you to sign up. A minimum $20 donation to our AFSP fundraising page is your entry fee to lock your way into the event.

About AFSP 200

What: AFSP 200

Where: iRacing Michigan International Speedway in NASCAR Next Gen Cup Cars (Fixed Configs)

When: Saturday, January 27th, Practice opening at 8 pm Eastern, Qualifying at 9 pm, and Green Flag waves at approximately 9:15 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Event Information

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. Giving back is essential to our mission here at F-R Racing. Suicide is something that has directly impacted both Erik and D.J. and we decided that a charity race for the AFSP would be a fun event to raise money for a great cause. We reached out to the great team at WJ Muhlfeld Motorsports because we know they have a very similar mission and know with our combined efforts we can put on a great event!

Q. How long will the race be?

A. 100 Laps w/ cautions. Two fast repairs and unlimited tires

Q. How many drivers are you hoping to have?

A. We’re capping each split at 36 drivers. We’ll determine the number of splits based on the number of entries.

Q. Will the race be broadcast?

A. The broadcast will be on Apex Racing TV! We’re excited to work with a top notch organization in the sim racing world!

Q. Can I race in memory of a family member or a friend that we lost to suicide?

A. We would absolutely love that. We’ll be rolling a list of our family and friends we are driving in memory of during the broadcast and it would be an honor to help you with that tribute.

Q. Will there be any prizes for the winners?

A. Our friends at Extreme Simracing have donated an AX-80 Sim Rig and SPro Wheel Stands that we’ll give away! We also have some diecasts, and NASCAR team-issued merch that you can’t find anywhere else! If you’d like to donate a prize to expand the prize pool, get in touch!

Fundraising FAQ

Q. Are you keeping any of the money?

A. No! You pay your registration directly to our fundraising page on the Tiltify fundraising platform so you can rest assured your donations go directly to the AFSP. Any money we receive through sponsorships outside of our costs to host the event, ship prizes, etc will be put into the fundraiser at the end.

Q. What is your fundraising goal?

A. We hope to raise $2,500 USD for AFSP through driver registrations and donations during the broadcast.

Q. Can my company sponsor the event?

A. Of course! This event is not cheap to run. If you’re interested in donating a prize or even paying for an advertisement during the broadcast to help offset some of our costs, we would obviously love to chat! We’re not making any profit from this event so any penny beyond our direct expenses put on the event gets donated to the fundraiser.

Q. Where do I make the donation?

A. We’ll email you a link to our Tiltify Fundraising page after you register for the event via the below link. When the donation in your name is received, you are locked in! Once we email you the fundraising link, you have seven (7) days to donate otherwise we have to release your hold.

Q. Can I donate and not participate in the race?

A. Of course! Our fundraising page through Tiltify can be found here. If you are planning on racing, please fill out the below registration form and wait to be contacted before making your donation.