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Behind Closed Doors iRacing IndyCar League
We want you to race with us!

Please fill out the form to start the process to secure your spot in our iRacing IndyCar league. Registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. A member of F-R Racing will reach out and send an invoice or contact you via Venmo to request payment. Learn more about the league here.

Registration is $10 USD per season, which covers the fee to pay our broadcaster

Note, we have a cap of 2500 for this league as it’s meant for more casual/developmental racers.
We do not store credit cards anywhere on our site or business systems. Credit card transactions are securely processed via the Stripe platform.
Customer ID Number helps us track results and verify we are letting the correct user into the race
Not available: 13, 88
If option 1 is not available
If option 1 and 2 are not available
If not a member of a team, leave this field blank.
If you do not have a Twitch account leave blank
If you do not have a YouTube account leave blank
If you do not have an Instagram account leave blank
Provide a short bio so the other drivers can learn about who they are racing with.
Registration does not guarantee a spot in the weekly race. Registration is not confirmed until you are contacted by a member of F-R Racing and you have been invited into the league management page on iRacing.
If payment is not received, you may be removed from the league