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This league was initially known as the “Behind Closed Doors” Open Wheel Racing League due to iRacing losing the IndyCar license at the end of 2022, however with the return of IndyCar to the iRacing platform, we can now broadcast the event on Stadium Scene TV and we’ll be calling it the Indy Racing World Series!


The “IRWS” Series will follow the guidelines and expectations outlined in Wednesday Night Dash. The major difference from “WND” will be the addition of cautions on ovals.

The race is broken up into practice, qualification, and finally, the race to complete the race session in around one hour:

  • 10:00-10:10 pm -Join the session/open practice
    • 10:00-10:15 pm – Open qualifying for Road Courses/Street Circuits
    • 10:10-10:15 pm – Closed two-lap qualification (Ovals)
  • 10:15-11:15 pm – Race Session (Some weeks may be longer)

Note: All Times are Eastern US Time

From our original farewell race in December 2022.

Can I Participate in your iRacing IndyCar League?

YES! Register here. Each season will have a small broadcast fee. That fee will be $10 USD per season.

Please note that this league is fairly casual and includes less experienced drivers. To keep the league fun and more balanced we will only accept Rookies through Class A licensed drivers and your oval iRating must be below 2500 to join.

Why should we race with you?

We’re targeting people with less experience who may feel a little intimidated to get into a more serious competition league. In addition, with the event only taking an hour each week, we’re also targeting people who want to drive, but can’t commit to a 2-3 hour race each week. We prefer iRacing Oval ratings of < 2500, but if you’re over and interested, please reach out to us via social media and let’s chat.

Here are some of the advantages we see with our series:


Season 4 iRacing IndyCar League Schedule

Can my company sponsor your iRacing IndyCar League?

Absolutely! For instance, we are looking for a title sponsor for the event and sponsors for the weekly races. Please contact us to start the discussions.