Wednesday Night Dash iRacing League

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Our iRacing League, F-R Racing Presents: Wednesday Night Dash takes the popularity of the iRacing Dallara Dash series and in addition, expands the concept to other cars and tracks. Join F-R Racing drivers D.J. Fluck and Erik Richardson almost every Wednesday night between January and October at 10 pm EST, 7 pm pacific US time (green flag around 10:15pm) by following us on the F-R Racing Twitch channel or watching the full play-by-play broadcast on Stadium Scene TV. No yellow flags except for our competition caution at halfway, otherwise just good fun green flag racing entertainment with the F-R Racing Team!

The 2024 Entry fee will be $40 USD per season.

This covers the broadcaster fee and the rest goes to the prize pool for the season’s top finishers.

Race Day Schedule

An unfortunate teammate wreck from our iRacing league run at Charlotte
An unfortunate incident at Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Wednesday Night Dash Pilot Stream

The race is broken up into open qualification, and finally the race with the goal of completing the session in under one hour:

  • 9:30-10:10 pm -Join the session/open practice/qualification
    • 10:00-10:15 pm – Open qualifying for Road Courses/Street Circuits
    • 10:10-10:15 pm – Closed two-lap qualification (Ovals)
  • 10:15-11:00 pm – Race Session
    • Laps (or 45 minutes) with Competition Caution at 50% (Ovals)
    • Laps (or 45 minutes) w/ No Caution (Road/Street)

Note: All Times are Eastern US Time

Can I Participate in your iRacing League?

YES! Register here. Each season has a $40 registration fee to secure your spot and your registration fees will cover costs, advertising, and prize purse for the top three finishers in each race and the top three for the season.

Please note that this is a fairly casual league and includes less experienced drivers. To keep the league fun and more balanced we will only accept Rookies through Class A licensed drivers and your oval iRating must be below 2500 to join. For GT3 seasons, road course iRating must be below 1500.

Why should we race with you?

We’re targeting people with less experience who may feel a little intimidated to get into a more serious competition league. In addition, with the event only taking an hour each week, we’re also targeting people who want to drive, but can’t commit to a 2-3 hour race each week. We prefer iRacing ratings of < 2500 oval/1500 road, but if you’re over and interested, please reach out to us via social media and let’s chat.

Here are some of the advantages we see with our series:

  • Small time commitment (1 hour a week)
  • A fun environment at a skill level for even less experienced drivers
  • Cash Prizes
  • Exposure for your stream, brand, or team through StadiumScene.TV’s Platform
  • Promotion of your Twitch/YouTube/Facebook Stream on the broadcast

Race Season Schedules

Season 9 – Craftsman Truck Series

Wednesday Night Dash Season 9 Schedule

How much can I win and what does the entry fee cover?

The purse will depend on the number of entries each season, but we anticipate reserving around 60-65% of the entry fee for the prize purse. The remaining 35-40% will go towards paying our announcer broadcast fee. As we start to establish our costs and stabilize the league entries, we’ll adjust accordingly with the ultimate goal of using 100% of the entry fees as part of the cash prize purse. We’re re-investing 100% of all entry fee money collected as part of the entry fee into making Wednesday Night Dash better.

Once the final entry roster is logged in, we will publish the payouts for the season. Payouts are tracked via the F-R Racing Discord. Payment will be made as one lump sum at the end of the season.

Can my company sponsor your iRacing League or the prizes?

Absolutely! For instance, we are looking for a title sponsor for the event, sponsors for the weekly races, and prize sponsors. The replay of the event is posted to our YouTube channel (subscribe so you don’t miss a video) and is prominently featured on our broadcast partner, StadiumScene.TV, which millions of people visit every year! If you’re interested in sponsors, first see our sponsors page for more information, and then contact us to start the discussions.

Previous Winners

Season 1Erik RichardsonDallara IR18
Season 2Chad WinsteadNASCAR Next Gen
Season 3Kaden McAreavy JrNASCAR Truck Series
Season 4Tyler Lugo-VickeryARCA Menards Series
Season 5Colton GardnerNASCAR Next Gen
Season 6Mark VicarsGT3
Season 7Tyler Lugo-VickeryARCA Menards Series
Season 8Colton GardnerNASCAR Next Gen
Season 9TBDNASCAR Truck Series

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are unable to participate, at least tune in to Wednesday Night Dash on Stadium Scene TV. We’ve completed over 65 official league races and week after week created an entertaining environment on the iRacing platform. We guarantee it will be much more fun than what you were planning on doing late on a Wednesday night.