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eSports Keyboard and Mouse

Did you know that eSports is already a $1 billion USD+ industry already? In 2019 over 443 million people worldwide watched an eSports event or participated casually or professionally1. Because of this, it makes more sense than ever to sponsor an iRacing team. It is an investment that will help you reach your target audience and will result in a quick return on that investment. From that 18-34 demographic to even over 65, there is no limit to the interest and growing demand for eSports2.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our iRacing team and want to see your logo on our merchandise or our variety of iRacing cars, please contact our sales team!

Product Testing & Reviews

Do you have a new product related to the gaming, eSports, iRacing platform, or computing that you would like us to try out and review, because we would love to try and review your product! In addition to your review being seen on our website and social media, it will be syndicated on our sponsor StadiumScene.TV website where millions of people worldwide annually will see the product!

If you’re interested in having us review your product, please contact our sales team!


1eSports Stats – Influence Marking Hub

2eSports Age & Gender DemographicsStatista

Our iRacing Team Sponsors & Affiliates

We are very thankful to the sponsors that have helped fund our team because they provide us with the funding, marketing, and exposure to help us grow. Please take a moment to check them out and thank them for supporting F-R Racing!

Disclaimer: If you click a link to go to our partner and make a purchase, it may provide us with a small commission for the referral. It does not add any cost to your order and it goes a long way to helping fund our team. We really appreciate your support!


StadiumScene.TV Logo

You know that StadiumScene.TV is not only our main car sponsor, but they are also the official marketing and promotional team of FR Racing. StadiumScene.TV works with content creators to help their sports-related content be seen by the general public through a targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, and marketing campaigns. You will see our blog posts and videos featured along with content from other producers from around the world. Did you know that StadiumScene.TV generates millions of views each year and continues to grow year after year?

Please support our friends at StadiumScene.TV and if you’re a sports blogger, podcaster, streamer, or video producer and come and join the StadiumScene.TV family! Many of their basic services are offered for free.

Extreme Simracing

Extreme Simracing is a leading supplier of racing simulators, wheel stands, racing wheels, and other amazing accessories and retrofits. D.J. uses the SXT V2 Wheel Stand and loves the price point, the durability, and the ability to expand it into a full simulator rig over time!


When starting a business, it’s extremely important to keep your personal and business funds separate for both legal and tax reasons. That’s why we use Novo, a financial technology platform powered by its bank sponsor, Middlesex Federal Savings FA. Novo offers free small business checking and an easy-to-use mobile app so banking is not something you have to focus on. We are proud customers of Novo and are excited to now promote the product offerings.

Player One Coffee Lab

Player One Coffee Lab Logo - iRacing Team Sponsor

Player One Coffee Lab started as the coffee for gamers! Check out these high-quality reasonably priced coffees from around the world before your next gaming marathon! Click the link below to save 5% off your order! We keep a bag of Leeroy Jenkins coffee on hand all the time. It really is excellent!

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Tifosi Optics

Tifosi Optics is a US-based company that sells high-quality and affordable eyewear. Gaming, sunglasses and prescription eyewear is among the types available. Eye strain while gaming or using the computer all day is a real problem. Check out Tifosi Optics for the latest deals and protect those eyes!.

Rogue Energy

Rogue Energy focuses on four product lines: Hydration, Energy, Shake, and Extreme (Pre-Workout). They are a gaming company at heart and offer high-quality products as an alternative to those canned sugar drinks. Check out their product line and don’t forget to use our promo code!

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Printful powers the F-R Racing Merchandise Store! If you’ve always wanted to sell your own merchandise like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, phone cases, stickers, and other products, however, do not want to manage the inventory or printing? If so, then Printful is for you!

Priority Tire

Priority Tire Logo

Priority Tire is an online tire service that has the best prices and allows you to schedule with a local shop or mobile tire installation company at checkout. Don’t wait and get those tires changed! In the process save some money and schedule at your convenience with Priority Tire!

Philips Hue

Philips is one of the global leaders in consumer electronics and their Hue platform is one of the best smart home/smart lighting systems on the market. Learn how you can use your hue lighting (I used the Philips Hue Play)to make an interactive flag notification light that works with iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Periphio Gaming

Periphio Gaming Ad

Periphio Gaming is wants to get you a gaming PC at an affordable price. In addition, the four in one gaming set allows you to have a quality gaming setup at an affordable price!


You’ve invested a lot into your sim racing and gaming equipment and you want to protect it. With SimpliSafe, the 24/7 monitoring is affordable and easy to install. With traditional alarms, smoke/fire, flood, and glass break monitoring you can breathe easier knowing your home is protected.

Did you know that many homeowners insurance policies will offer you a discount off of your annual premium if you have a monitored security system? Learn more about what U.S. News & World Report calls, “The Best Home Security of 2023” and D.J. Fluck’s preferred way to protect his home with SimpliSafe.