iRacing Hot Lap Videos

D.J. and I continue to learn something new almost daily in iRacing. That may be in running races or by watching hot lap videos. Just this past week, I learned something new with the DW12 Indycar in a Dallara Dash series race. After a race, I went in and watched the cockpit view from a few of the top drivers. They all had a fairly similar laps. I made an adjustment to the way I drove and saw a decrease in lap time and a little bit easier time going around the track!

To find the fastest way around, it may not always be to just have the gas pressed all the way down!

YouTube Hot Lap Videos

Even though you can go to Youtube presently and search “iRacing <insert car> <insert track> hot lap” and find what you are looking for. It is great that you can watch a lap or find a tutorial that gives a full breakdown. Since everyone learns differently, it is just another tool in the toolbox.

YouTube has been a big help so far. Especially when it comes to road courses. I like seeing the braking points and the shifting. As for ovals however, it seems easier to learn just by watching laps to see the lines and what gear drivers use.

F-R Racing Hot Lap Videos

As our learning and development continues, we want to offer our best laps to watch. Transparency has been our goal from the beginning for anyone looking at being a driver or starting a team. F-R Racing hot laps will include at least two different views of the lap. There will be a cockpit view to be able to see the steering, any shifting, and the racing line taken. The other view will be from outside the car and more than likely be a TV angle. This can give a better perspective of relative location of the car on the track.

After the two camera views, there will be additional clips that show mistakes (or bloopers) to watch out for when turning laps. This could include what happens if you enter too low/high and what the exit of the turn could look like. Below you will find our first track/car combo at Indianapolis. You can see what happens if you get too low and how you can get thrown into the wall with the wrong line.

Lap run by F-R Racing’s Erik Richardson.

End of the day

We always welcome any feedback on ways that to improve our lap times as our learning continues. Once a month, we will add an analysis to the track and talk about our lap or what we were looking for. This video series is intended for those drivers that are brand new to iRacing. Hopefully they will work as well for those just needing a refresher for a certain track or car!

These videos will come with a qualifier to it. It may not be the fastest or most perfect lap ever, but the intention is for a newer driver to be able to watch and take away something that can help them on the track.

We want others to be able to learn and laugh with us along the way! Chances are that neither D.J. or I will become one of the best drivers out there. But then again, you never know!

Wednesday Night Dash

Come join us for our F-R Racing 8-week racing season! There will be a chance to win cash and prizes. We are gearing this series to those that may only have an hour a night to race and enjoy driving.

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