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When we started Wednesday Night Dash in September of 2021, we had no idea what we were doing or what we were going to do with it. Firstly, we took the popularity of the iRacing Dallara Dash series and attempted it with different cars and tracks. Secondly, we’re bringing this iRacing league in a TV-style broadcast and will be streaming the broadcast through our partner Stadium Scene TV (disclaimer, DJ Fluck is a part-owner of Stadium Scene TV).

In addition, we’re opening registration and will have cash and prizes for the winners, and give you an opportunity to compete in a series without requiring a lot of time commitment (10-11pm EST each week). To sum it up, it’s a great way to end your day!

The Setup

We’re breaking Wednesday Night Dash into five seasons of eight races:

  • Dallara IR -18 – Season 1
  • NASCAR Next Gen Cup Series – Season 2
  • TBD – Season 3
  • TBD – Season 4
  • Tournament of Champions – Season 5

Currently, we’re in the middle of season one and using it as a test run of the series while we recruit and get everything worked out.

The schedule for each race is as follows:

  • 15 Minute Practice Session
  • 5 Minute Qualification
  • Approximately a 40 Minute Race

Tournament of Champions

In brief the most exciting part of the season ending “Tournament of Champions”. This will be an invitation only eight race season which features two races and associated cars from each season 1-4 to really test who is the best of the best. To put it another way, this is a tournament you will want to be a apart of.

You’ll be invited if you qualify:

  • Season Champion
  • Most race wins without winning championships
  • Loyality – Attending most sessions without a win

Prizes & Entry Fees

The season fee will be $50 USD per driver. We can invoice you through Stripe for credit card payment, invoice through PayPal, or make a payment via Venmo.

We’re not charging or giving out prizes during 2022 Season One. We’re seeing this as more of a pilot test run so we’re ready to go with the cash and prizes for season two. The more drivers, the larger the payout! You’ll have the option to reserve your space for the entire season or on a race by race basis.

What will my iRacing League entry fee be used for?

We’ll be using your entry fee for the following:

  • Cash prizes for each race top 3
  • Cash prizes for the top three season finisher prizes
  • Misc prizes to top finishers and award winners (TBD)
  • Advertising & Recruiting
  • Operational Costs (Streaming, Announcing, etc)

Of course, it is 100% our intention to put more of the entry fee back into the cash prizes as the series matures.

The Broadcast

We’re working on recruiting an announcer to call the action on StadiumScene.TV. If you’d like to audition, please reach out to us via our social media or email us. However, Erik and I will be taking turns running our in car stream on the F-R Racing Twitch and YouTube channel. We’ll be on our personal Twitch channels during our off week, so be sure to follow our personal accounts (Erik, D.J.). We’re looking forward to focusing on racing and allowing the broadcaster to run the show and allow you to see more of the action versus one car’s perspective.

Why Should I join your iRacing League?

People are hesitant to join a racing series because some people are just too competitive. We’re creating a casual and fun environment without taking a lot of your time each week!

  • Be a part of something
  • A chance to win cash and prizes
  • A place to show off your custom car livery
  • StadiumScene.TV will promote your Twitch/YouTube stream on the broadcast
  • All paid members will receive a coupon code for two months free on the Stadium Scene TV Network to further expand the reach of your Twitch or YouTube Stream and provide you with tutorials and networking opportunities to meet others like you

Thanks for checking out Wendesday Night Dash iRacing League! If you’re interested in advertising or sponsoring the league, please contact us or our partner Stadium Scene.TV. There’s opportunities to sponsor the seasons, the individual races, or segments during the race.

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