Extreme Simracing – Partner Announcement

Extreme Simracing Partnership

F-R Racing is excited to announce an affiliate partnership with Extreme Simracing. The Maringá, Paraná, Brazil-based company opened up a US office outside of Miami in 2018 and has been distributing high-quality sim racing rigs, wheel stands, seats, and other impressive modifications for your sim racing setup. It’s our opinion that these fine products will make your iRacing experience much better!

Extreme Simracing Products

Extreme Simracing has a wide variety of products and at this time, we’ll highlight some of the products we’re already using:

SXT V2 Nardo Gray Edition Wheel Stand

D.J. has purchased some of Extreme Simracing’s products including the SXT V2 Nardo Gray Wheel Stand and has nothing but positive things to say about it. What’s great about this wheel stand is that it can be expanded later into an entire sim rig setup. Specifically, the accessories include a seat, monitor/pc stand (or triple monitors), shifter stand, and keyboard stand. Find the full product review here.

Logitech Inverted Pedal Kit

D.J. also purchased and used the Logitech Inverted Pedal kit for the Logitech G series pedal kits. Compatibility includes the G25, G27, G29, G920, and G923 pedal kits. This kit uses the original pedals and wiring and allows you to take those existing parts and give them a more realistic feel at an affordable price! Check out the Extreme Simracing website for its full product offering.

Find the full product review here.

In summary, Extreme Sim Racing and their wheel/pedal partner Simagic make high-quality equipment at an attractive price point. We’re proud to not only promote their work but be users of their equipment as well.

Note: As stated above, we are an affiliate partner of Extreme Simracing. By clicking the link and making a purchase we receive a small commission to help keep F-R Racing going. This allows us to provide more reviews and tutorials as we grow our organization. To have us review your sim racing/gaming product, partner, or sponsor F-R Racing, please contact us and check out our sponsors’ page. Finally, we thank you again for your continued support of F-R Racing.

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