Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Wheel Stand Review

Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Wheel Stand Review

Trying to take shortcuts to save money rarely ever works out. I should have just purchased the Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Wheel Stand right away and skipped over the cheap off-brand wheel stand I bought from Amazon. The SXT V2 wheel stand looks great, feels great, and is easy to assemble. That being said, the biggest advantage of all that puts this wheel stand in a class of its own is the ability to expand it later into a full sim rig. There are not many options on the market that are both high quality but have the modularity that the Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Wheel Stand offers.


In April of 2022 I decided I was done clipping my Logitech G920 racing wheel to my desk. It was time to start looking into buying a wheel stand. I saw and considered the SXT V2, but decide I didn’t want to pay the $249 USD price tag. Instead I spent about $100 on Amazon for this flimsy product:

Off Brand Wheel Stand from Amazon
Off Brand Wheel Stand

First off, this off brand wheel stand was awful. I’m not sure what brand this even is because the box didn’t have a brand listed. The wheel rocked back and forth due to the flimsy construction and it actually made me kind of dizzy while driving due to the rocking back and forth. After four months of racing with this, I knew it was time to make the decision I should have made in April.

About Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2

Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Wheel Stand
SXT V2 Nardo Gray Edition

Extreme Sim Racing is a company out of Brazil and opened up a location in the United States a few years ago. Not only do they sell wheel stands, but they sell full sim rigs, accessories, modifications for the Logitech G29, G920, and G923 series, and they are the official supplier of Simagic race wheels and pedals.

The SXT V2 comes in four colors: red, black, nardo gray, and white. I own the nardo gray edition. The stand weighs around 33 lbs, so it is pretty heavy. That being said, it’s easy to move around the carpet and slide partially under my desk when it’s time to race. I am not a strong person by any means, but I don’t have any issues sliding the stand between my desk and where I store it. It does fold up so if you need to put it in a close it stores nicely! Unlike my off brand wheel stand, the SXT V2 is extremely durable.

Assembly of the SXT V2

Extreme Sim Racing Shipping Box
Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Box

The SXT V2 came in a box mostly unassembled. The main pieces and pedal base was shipped assembled. It was just a matter of connecting the wheel mount parts and mounting my Logitech G920 wheel and pedal kit.

Unassembled Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2

Total assembly time was around 30-40 minutes. Had I not been distracted by my kids and maybe hustled you could probably assemble it faster. The red things in the box are actually are two wheel locks that you can set the back wheels of your desk chair in so it doesn’t slide away while driving. If you purchase those separately, they run $29 USD for the pair. It’s a nice bonus! For some reason they don’t include those with the black version, but as of now the other colors include them!

The wheel mount includes a cup holder and a mount where you can connect your shifter. These are both optional. Really my only issue with this wheel stand is the edging around the shifter mount is not as smooth as it probably should be. I ended up taking it off in the end. The other issue is the cup holder is sized for a 20oz bottle of soda or a 12oz can. If you carry a water bottle or as our friend Mark Vicars likes to enjoy, a “Tall boy” beer it probably won’t fit in the cup holder.


Featured on the Extreme Sim Racing USA Instagram Account!

Once I got everything set up, we got to work! You’ll notice I’m also using the Extreme Sim Racing Inverted Pedal Kit for the Logitech G29, G920, and G923 pedals. I’ll review that in the upcoming weeks. Of course the first thing I did was post it to Instagram and was featured on the Extreme Sim Racing Instagram account.

While driving it in iRacing, I immediately looked to see if the wheel stand would wobble. When I made my first turn, I was excited to see that it definitely did not. This high quality product remained rock solid under my desk and is adjustable for nearly any height of person. Adjustments can be found at both at the pedals and up by the wheel base by turning a pair of set screws.


SXT V2 with Keyboard & Triple Monitor Stand
SXT V2 with Keyboard & Triple Monitor Stand

Another amazing feature is that it is modular! Add a seat, single or triple monitor mount, keyboard mount, bottom shifter mount, bonus monitor mount and more! This is one of the few stands that allows you to build out a full sim rig as your budget allows. The unique ability to expand into a full sim rig and high quality construction makes this wheel stand truly one of a kind. As a user of this wheel stand, I absolutely reccommend it and give it 5 stars!

Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Summary

So in summary, I highly recommend the use of this wheel stand and will be expanding it later once I have a place in my house to set up a full sim rig. Here are my pros and cons:

SXT V2 Pros

  • High Quality & Durable
  • Great Support from Extreme Sim Racing
  • Bonus wheel locks included ($29.99 USD value)
  • Expand into a full custom sim rig with different accessory options
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Wide compatability with various wheel and pedal kits on the market

SXT V2 Cons

  • The cup holder is too small for many types of water bottles
  • Edges around the optional shifter stand feel a little sharp
  • Can be difficult to move around due to 33 lb (14.96 kg) weight

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