Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Expansion

Extreme Sim Racing Review

As you know, I absolutely love my Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Wheel Stand as I showed in my initial review. In addition to its price point and high-quality design, it is a modular design that can be expanded into a full sim rig as your budget, time, and room space allow. Note that F-R Racing is an affiliate partner of Extreme Sim Racing USA and if you click a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission for the referral sale. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it goes a long way to helping F-R Racing operate. Thank you for your continued support!

Overview & SXT V2 Parts

Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Expansion setup

The Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Wheel stand can be used as a stand alone wheel stand in front of your desk or your TV and you don’t have to worry about it wobbling. The only issue I had is moving the stand in and out of my desk with my Simagic Wheel Base and Pedals attached to it was pretty heavy and it was time to move it to a permanent spot in my home office.

SXT V2 Monitor Stands

Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Triple/Single Monitor Stand
SXT V2 Triple/Single Monitor Stand

There are two options for your monitor stand. If you want to run triple monitors, this is the kit for you. The kit allows for 24-32″ monitors in each position. You can remove the side monitor stands and run a single monitor if you plan to expand to triples later. The stand includes a metal tray to store your gloves, a spare wheel, console, PC, etc

Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Single Monitor Stand
SXT V2 Single Monitor Stand

If you only have room for one, this kit will allow you to install up to a 50″ ultra wide monitor to your wheel stand. You can also purchase the triple monitor expansion kit for this monitor stand, however you’ll pay a bit of a premium expanding later versus buying the triple kit up front.

SXT V2 Keyboard Tray

Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Keyboard Tray
SXT V2 Keyboard Tray

You need a place to mount your keyboard so it’s in close reach for those hot keys or to type a response back in a chat. The keyboard tray is a great expansion piece that solves that issue. I purchased a keyboard with a mouse touch pad built in, so I have keyboard and mouse on this same tray.

My only issue with this setup is there is no option to place your mouse if you have a separate mouse.

SXT V2 Shifter Mount

Extreme Simracing SXT V2 Bottom Shifter Mount
SXT V2 Bottom Shifter Mount

The SXT V2 already has a place to mount your shifter next to your wheel, however if you expand to a rig, this bottom shifter mount is a great way to keep your shifter close. I actually used the included shifter mount to attach my Stream Deck to my wheel stand and keep it within close range

Racing Seat X

Racing Seat X
Racing Seat X

If you have space to have a permanent chair mounted, the Extreme Simracing Racing Seat X is a great option. In my case, I don’t have a lot of space in this room to have a permanently mounted seat, so I just use my gaming desk chair. The wheel locks included with most versions of the SXT V2 are a great way to position your chair without it sliding every time you brake. Note that the seat does not permanently mount to the stand, there are a pair of angle brackets in the front that sit over the base of the wheel stand and sit under the floor pedal plate. I don’t own the seat, so I can’t comment specifically on how well it works.

Racing Seat X Adjustment Kit
Racing Seat X Adjustment Kit

The Rail Adjustment Kit will convert the Racing Seat X into a sliding and slightly higher sitting chair. This can be added at a later date as your budget allows.

Add On TV Top Monitor Mount

Add on Top Monitor Mount
Add on Top Monitor Mount

Have a second (or fourth) monitor? The Add on TV Top Monitor hooks to the back of the monitor stand to allow you to have that secondary monitor for OBS, a dashboard, or your Discord chat. This mount will also work with Extreme Simracing’s other sim rig setups.

My SXT V2 Setup

D.J.'s Expanded SXT V2 Setup

As I mentioned above, I do not own all of these components so I will specifically comment on the following:

  • Single Monitor Stand
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Bottom Shift Mount

I ran the SXT V2 as a stand-alone wheel stand for about six months and I loved everything about it, except having to move the stand under my desk when it was time to race and pulling it out and putting it back in the corner when I was done. I finally decided it was time to buy an ultra-wide monitor and put it in it’s permanent position.

Single Monitor Stand

The Monitor stand was fairly easy to install as the holes on the wheel stand are pre-drilled. The only thing of note is that it was kind of a tight fight for the stand to attach to the main wheel stand. There are some minor scratches on my wheel stand from where I lined up the monitor stand, but whatever. They’re small and you can’t see them anyway.

Zip Tied Monitor Stand
Temporary (and unsafe) secondary monitor stand

The expansion monitor stands are sold out as of this post and I am waiting for them to come back in stock. I had to improvise with an off-brand dual monitor stand from Amazon raised to the highest setting. Of course, it was too top-heavy for my dual 22″ monitors so I actually have a child safety wall anchor kit w/ a 75 lb rated zip tie anchoring the stand to the wall and using a dumbbell to hold it in place. Not very safe, but for a temporary setup, it’s ok for now.

Keyboard Stand

ESR Keyboard Tray for SXT V2
Keyboard Tray Stand

Regardless of what you’re using the wheel stand for, the keyboard stand is absolutely necessary for your setup. The tray attaches to the left side of the wheel stand and when tightened it can rotate towards or away from you as you need quick access. An adjustable clip at the top adjusts for various size keyboards, including your gigantic mechanical gaming keyboard.

As mentioned above, there is no room for your mouse, but I have a Logitech keyboard/integrated trackpad keyboard and it fits just fine.

Bottom Shifter Mount

The bottom shifter mount is currently not installed on my setup because I do not have a separate shifter. I’ll be purchasing a sequential shifter at some point, but right now it’s in the closet. The shifter mount attaches on the front right side of the wheel stand opposite of the keyboard and it can extend out so it’s a short reach from your right arm.

Stream Deck Mount

Stream Deck Mount from Sim Sport Gadget
Sim Sport Gadget Stream Deck Mount

You’re probably wondering about my Stream Deck Mount. Well, I purchased it from Sim Sport Gadget on Etsy and it fits perfectly on the upper shifter mount with the included hardware. It’s 3D printed, built really sturdy, and a great addition to my stand.

Summary & Conclusion

Ideally, I would have purchased an all-in-one sim rig, but I just didn’t have the space. This solution is for you and for people who are looking at breaking up the purchases over time and as you need. As you know now, I don’t own or use every option available for this wheel stand so build yours based on your needs and budget.

Last thing of note… make sure you have some cable ties or velcro for cable management.

SXT V2 Expansion Pros

  • Modular
  • Expansion over time and as budget allows
  • Great customization options

SXT V2 Expansion Cons

  • Limited seat options beyond Racing Seat X or Desk/Gaming Chair
  • No mouse pad mount options
  • Can be more expensive than a full sim rig if you purchase all accessories