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Erik and D.J. finally are able to sit down and chat with Wednesday Night Dash Season 4 Champion, Tyler Vickery. Tyler is an incredibly talented sim racing driver and has started to translate his sim racing talents onto the real track at his local New Smyrna Speedway. As an added bonus, Tyler joins us from the grounds of New Smyrna Speedway and during the episode as he shows us around the track after an evening event!

Interview with WND Champion Tyler Vickery from New Smyrna Speedway

We know Wednesday Night Dash debuted this week, but instead, we’re airing a special edition of F-R Racing’s Garage Talk. This week we are joined by the Wednesday Night Dash Season 4 champion, Tyler Vickery.  This episode is extra special because Tyler is coming to us from New Smyrna Speedway. Be sure to check out the video on YouTube as he shows us some of the track while we talk to him about short track racing, his experience with the short track, and learning more about how important the track is to the community.

Finally, we spend the second half of the episode talking about our iRacing experience including breaking down the now infamous Season 4 Talladega race that involved Tyler, Erik,  D.J., and season 3 champion Kaden McAreavy Jr in a battle for the win on the final lap.  Then you’ll learn what went on in each driver’s head as they came around onto the trioval and everyone scrambled for the win.  If you’re interested in short-track racing, you’ll learn a lot and it was a lot of fun to talk to Tyler while on location.

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Wednesday Night Dash Update

Race: F-R Racing Garage Talk 110 from Michigan International Speedway

Winner: Erik Richardson

Replay: YouTube

The next WND race will be from Talladega on Wednesday, January 18th at 10:15 pm on Stadium Scene TV!

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